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Hi there, I’m Leffe

My name is actually Eleftherios Psitopoulos but I bet most of you could not even read that out loud so, I would just stick with my nickname.

The web and I have a long term relationship. It all started when I was around 14 years old when I got my first desktop computer. It was huge and slow even for the time but it was my first computer and I loved everything about it. I started experimenting with it, trying to figure how everything works and I have to admit that I became quite an expert! I was so excited that I wanted to start creating my own programmes which led me to read books on the subject.

Back then, not every home in Greece (yes, that’s where I’m from) had an internet connection. One of those was mine. However one day, my parents took me and my brother to an internet cafe and that is where I used the internet for the first time. It was love at first sight! From then on, I knew that all I wanted to do was to create websites. After long days of surfing and searching at the internet cafe, I came across some really good website tutorials. I downloaded one whole website and eagerly returned home to follow the tutorial.

As time passed by I learnt how to do wonderful things with websites. I never went to university which turned out to be a disadvantage as I soon realised that no one would hire me without a degree (little did I know!). For years, I was forced to do odd jobs that had nothing to do with what I would really love to do, from street market vendor to waiting tables at high class restaurants. I even moved to Germany for some years to find a better life there.

I returned to Greece and once again got a job at a street market. Although l made good sales as a vendor and got on well with customers, the job was not fulfilling. Until one day, a friend of mine, who runs a business, had some problems with his website and asked me if I could fix them. He knew that I was a “web guy”. I was so pleased when I repaired the problem and earned money by doing what I loved best. This event was a turning point in my life!

Some months later I thought “What the heck! I will give it a try. What do I have to lose anyway?” I applied for a job at the web design agency that had created the website for my friend. The response was instant. I was invited for an interview the next morning. Oh the excitement!

The interview went well. I got the job and I am still working for the agency now! I am now aware that website design and working with demanding clients are two entirely different aspects, a real challenge which I like a great deal. I have learnt so much on a broad range of topics, not only web design and development but also how to efficiently manage time and tight deadlines, how to respond and to take action effectively when a clients’ site goes down or something nasty happens as well as any other issues that can occur.

Things got even better for me! In my present job, I heard about something weird called SEO being mentioned. Believe it or not, I had never heard of this term before. I did some research and read about it. I found the concept attractive and extended beyond than just web design. I was now drawn to another challenging aspect. To cut a long story short, I learnt a great deal about SEO from online tutorials, webinars, podcasts, I read everything I could find on the subject and following this lead, I have become an expert on digital marketing as a whole. Suddenly a broad new world lay ahead, ready for me to explore. In view of this I asked if I could join the digital marketing team to assist with their projects, in this way by experimenting I would gain invaluable experience.

My story with the web may be a long one, but it is only relatively recently that I really got involved professionally which has proved to be worthwhile. I have worked with a diverse plethora of satisfied clients and I am here ready to share my experience with you.

So grab a cup of coffee or juice. Sit comfortably and join me in exploring the world of the web!

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