Take that step forward

Your goal is waiting for you.

Best Fiends Forever

Have you ever searched all around Play Store to find that one game that will keep you playing for non stop hours, one that will never get you bored? Well, the search is finally over!

A tapping adventure begins

Hundreds of new games are being uploaded on Play Store every day with most of them copying aspects from each other. Few are the games that stand out from the crowd and shine freshness. One of those games is Best Fiends Forever, yet another tapping game but nothing like the others!

A long way to go

A comet fell on Mt. Boom and turned the slugs into a nightmare. They took over the whole Minutia and hold the residents as hostages. The only ones who can save them is your fierce finger and a handful of heroic Fiends. Don’t you think it will be a piece of cake, for you have to go through endless deserts, frozen hills and a whole ocean in more than 400 levels and bosses that won’t go easy on you, determined to cut your way to the top of Mt. Boom and the slug king,

Best Fiends Forever uses the characters from Best Fiends, and takes place in a cute, cartoony world that will keep your eyes happy.
The first stages rely on your tapping “skills”, forcing your way to the first boss where you save the first fiend that joins in to rescue the others and save the world from evil. Don’t lay low though because it gets harder and harder as you go. You also get stronger though, using the money you receive by killing slugs you can level up your fiends and upgrade their special powers.
Of course they have special powers, they are heroes remember? From thunderstorm to fireballs, making sure to give a hard time to the enemy.

There’s more to it

You can always buy special offers if you’re eager to push your way to the end with packs of diamonds starting from just €1.99 and spend them to get boosts like bombs or fortunes of coins but the game features great alternatives for diamonds to keep all kinds of players satisfied. You can achieve additional goals and be rewarded with precius diamonds. You also get a free gift every four hours which is also diamonds most of the time.  Another great feature is gifts that come at random times. You can choose between two of them and even double it by watching a short ad.
You also receive a great amound of coins every time you open the game.


The portal

Hard times will come and the slugs will be impossible to beat but worry not, you can reset your progress and start over by using the portal. It will transfer you to stage one and you will have to rescue all your fiends again but it won’t be the same. You see, you receive boom stones every time you use the portal which you can use to buy and upgrade souvenirs. Those are special amplifiers that stay permanently and can be upgraded every time you use the portal.


Having said everything, I have to warn you that Best Fiends Forever is a game that will get you addicted in no time and you will catch yourself playing it many times thorough the day.